Will Marcus Mariota be able to get his bench press numbers back?

Marcus MariOTA’s career-high bench press in 2017 is now in jeopardy.

The Titans quarterback has already lost 10 of the last 12 games he has played in, which is not a pretty sight considering his previous low marks in those games.

Last year, Mariota was able to hit the bench press twice as often as he did in 2016, so the trend is definitely there.

But if he can’t get the numbers back to where he was in the 2016 season, he is going to be hard-pressed to be a dominant force on the field, or even in the playoffs.

This is a problem for Mariota, who was drafted with a high draft pick and the hope that he would make a leap to becoming a dominant NFL quarterback.

Now he will be looking at the possibility that he might have to play in an even smaller role.

Marcus Mariotta is in the midst of a down year.

He is also in a bad spot.

Marcus Robinson, ESPN.com The Titans need to fix the offensive line.

They have a couple of good young tackles, but they need help at the position of right tackle.

That position is a huge weakness, and if they can’t figure it out, the Titans will have an issue getting to the quarterback.

They don’t have much in the way of depth in the trenches right now, and the right tackle position is one of the more underrated positions on the roster.

The problem is that the Titans have not had a proven veteran at the spot in years, and that means the team will have to figure out how to get better, rather than try to go the old-school route of going for it on the ground and hoping for the best.

If the Titans can’t find an answer for the right side of the line, they are going to need to find a way to make sure that the left side doesn’t get an opportunity to dominate the line of scrimmage.

Marcus Murray is a better fit for this scheme.

He has experience at both tackle spots and has shown flashes at both, and he is a far better pass protector than Robinson, who has shown struggles at both positions.

The left side of Tennessee’s line needs to be filled.

Marcus McBrayer is the best left tackle on the team, and they should be looking to trade him.

If they can get Marcus Murray, the team should be able get some value for the draft pick that they got from him, but if they cannot, it will be tough for the Titans to compete for a playoff spot.

The team needs to make a move in the free agency market, and Marcus Mariuta will be a target for some teams.

Marcus Wallace has had some solid games this season.

The third-year guard has been a good contributor for the offense, and a big part of the Titans success.

But there is still some question over his ability to stay healthy, and it’s not like he was able go into 2017 as the starting left guard.

He still has some issues, and there will be teams that will have their eye on him as a free agent this offseason.

That could leave Tennessee as a team that is looking for someone that can play a lot of guard.

Marcus Lattimore has been good for the team in 2017.

Lattice is a solid guard that can move around and block well, but he has not been able to hold down the left tackle spot in his first season with the Titans.

The organization has to figure something out, and Lattire has to prove that he can do that.

If he can, he could be the team’s starting left tackle for a few years.

The only real concern with Lattie is that he has a reputation for being a poor leader.

This isn’t the first time that the organization has had to address that, and I think that the team needs more leadership in that locker room.

I think it is going back to the old school way of playing the game.

The players need to get a sense of what the organization is all about, and to see if the organization can turn it around.

Marcus Gilbert is a good player.

The cornerback position is not where the Titans are at right now.

They need a better cornerback.

The position of cornerback is a position where they need to address some of the issues that the front office has at the cornerback position.

Marcus Jones is a special player.

He can play any position on the defense, but is best suited for the outside cornerback spot.

He was the best outside cornerback in the NFL in 2017, and will be one of them in 2018.

I expect him to continue to be an excellent player for the franchise in 2019.

The offensive line has had a bad year.

That is something that is going against Marcus Mariutas success this season, and those are the problems that he is dealing with.

The offense will be better when the team can put more pressure on the quarterback and run the ball more effectively.

The problems at