Why bench press variation is the best exercise for training the bench press

When we train the bench, we don’t want to waste time with the deadlift.

We want to train the same exercises twice as fast, to maximise the benefits of both exercises.

That means, in order to train multiple variations of the bench-press variation, we must be sure to train each variation of the movement at the same speed.

In order to ensure the bench is maximised for maximal bench strength, you should train your bench to do all the repetitions with the same weight.

This means you need to train it at the least possible intensity that is also a resistance to injuries. 

As far as bench-lifting variation goes, we can say that for maximum bench strength we need to work with the bench at the minimum weight that you can do.

You can train the press at any weight.

You have the flexibility to add resistance to the bar to achieve maximum bench press performance.

You should work out a range of variations to achieve your maximum bench. 

In the following, I will show you some variations to train for maximum and minimised bench strength.


The Bench Press with the Weighted Side of the Bar Bench press variation.

You can train this variation of bench press with a weight that is the same as your bench press set weight.

It can be done with either a barbell or dumbbell.

This variation can be an excellent option for the bench for training strength, mobility and overall stability.

It is a great exercise for strengthening the shoulder girdle, as the weight is not heavy enough to cause shoulder strains.

You will also see this variation work the shoulders in the upper back. 


The Barbell Bench Press Variation  The Barbell bench press is a variation of barbell bench.

As you can see in the video below, this is an excellent exercise for the shoulders and upper back as the barbell is a suitable weight to achieve maximal bench press strength. 


The Dumbbell Bench Bar Press Variations This is another variation of a bar barbell.

The dumbbell bench bar is also an excellent choice for the upper body as the dumbbell is the only weight you need for the movements in this exercise. 


The Bent-Over Press Variants The Bent-over press is an interesting variation of the bench press as it allows you to add a lot of resistance.

The bench press variations below involve two different sets of bar and dumbbells, one and one with the dumb supplied. 


The Single-Leg Bent-On Variants     This variation is similar to the bench but with two limbs on the bench.

It is an exercise that is suitable for the upper back as it is a high-impact exercise that requires a high level of muscle activation. 


The T-Bar Bent-Leg Variants   This is a good exercise for increasing bench press strength by adding a high amount of weight on each leg. 

The t-bar variant is similar in terms of the weight that needs to be added. 


The Double-Leg Bench Press The Double-leg bench press has been a popular variation of this exercise for a while.

This is an awesome exercise to train strength and mobility. 


The Squat Variants The squat is a very strong exercise to build the bench as it requires a lot more strength than the bench and barbell variations below.


The Overhead Press Variant  This variant is a variant of the bench with the upper body supposed to lift the barbell in front of you. 


The Kettlebell VariantsThe kettlebell is an incredibly powerful exercise and can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

It requires more weight than the dumb-bell variations above. 


The Calf Raise VariantsThere are several variations of this variation, but the calf raises are one of the most popular ones. 


The Side Ply Variant This exercise is very good for building the bench strength as it requires more strength to perform than the other variations. 

13. The Chest Press VariantsThis variation requires a little more strength as the chest is involved. 


The Cable Tricep Triceptors The tricep triceps variants are another variation to train the lower body. 


The Shoulder Press VariancesThis variation involves two different shapes of the bar and dumbbell, one of which is used for the  lower body. 


The Leg Press VarianceThe leg press is another great exercise that works the arms and shoulders. 


The Hamstring Tr