When did a bench press get its own subreddit?

Reddit, one of the biggest online communities for discussion of everything from sports to pop culture, is facing a backlash from its users over a bench Press joke.

Reddit banned the subreddit after one user posted the joke.

But a few users have since re-posted the joke in the subreddit.

Reddit user “Nyco” posted a screenshot of the joke on Tuesday, saying:”I like the idea of bench press jokes being submitted to the subreddit, I can see how it would draw in new members.

But, I think the subreddit should take a more proactive approach to managing content.

I would like to see more moderation and a more informed discussion.”

A few hours later, another user uploaded a screenshot showing the comment:”Just as long as the sub gets it’s fair share of the attention, it’s good for the community, I guess.

I hope they find a way to remove the joke from the sub.”

Reddit users are now discussing the joke, with some saying it’s “a joke of the worst kind.”

A spokesperson for Reddit told CNN that the joke is “unacceptable” and will be removed.

Reddit did not respond to a request for comment.

The subreddit is part of the r/news subreddit, a community for news related content.

Reddit users who voted in the first round of the vote to get the joke removed received a message saying:We do not agree with the comment and removed the comment.