What the Steelers should do with Dez Bryant, who has a sprained MCL?

CBS Sports columnist Jon Morosi believes the Pittsburgh Steelers should release Dez Bennett before the end of the season, and he thinks they should because they don’t have a backup plan at running back.

Bizarrely, Morosi is suggesting that Bennett be released after the season to let the team see how the situation with the sprained left knee is progressing.

Morosi wrote, “Bennett’s injury is the result of the Steelers playing too much man coverage and giving up too much yards.

They are allowing a third-and-9 to the Rams on first down, and then are able to get the first down on fourth down after getting a first down from third-down.

That third- and fourth-down conversions would be a disaster in any other circumstance.”

But this is the NFL.

You can’t just go around telling people they’re not playing to their strengths.

It would be stupid to try and play it safe and try to avoid giving up yardage.

Morosoes words, however, are far from the truth.

The Steelers have a legitimate running back in Ben Roethlisberger, and if they can keep him on the field, they should be fine.

They have a lot of depth at the position, and they have plenty of other players that could play a bigger role if the team were to give up yardages.

The only thing that is certain is that the Steelers won’t be in the playoffs, and this injury is no excuse to let that happen.

This is an injury that could put the Steelers at risk of not getting to the playoffs and possibly not even winning a Super Bowl.

But Bennett has a history of injuries, and the team should not give up on him just because he’s on the injury report.

Morissi also believes the Steelers would be better off releasing Dez if he was not a threat to the team.

If the Steelers decide to let Bennett go, he will likely see significant playing time.

But Morissis logic is not only flawed, it is incorrect.

He should be fired for telling people he believes Bennett will be a good player.

I hope Morisses comments end up in the pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.