Watch the Latest Video: Bench Press Accessories

In this video, former UFC fighter Nate Diaz talks about his bench press accessory collection and how it helped him reach his personal fitness goals.

“My bench has always been my strength.

I used to do a lot of leg lifts and I was always strong but it didn’t get me anywhere,” Diaz told MTV News.

“Now I just do leg extensions, pullups, pushups, dips.

I can do anything, it just gets better and better and it’s my strength and it makes me a better athlete.”

For Diaz, the bench press is something he’s always been a fan of.

When he was younger, he also liked to use the barbell to bench.

“The bench was my favorite exercise because it was a great workout and I used it a lot,” Diaz said.

“It’s a great accessory, it’s like the bar, but it’s a little lighter, so I do them all the time.

It’s something I’ve been doing for years and I’m going to continue to do.”

As for the accessories, he’s now got his own collection of bench press racks, bars, plates and dumbbells, along with a variety of other fitness accessories like dumbbell swings, dumbbell bands, dumbell plates and more.

He even has a bunch of other bars, dumbells and other fitness equipment on display in his personal bar collection.

Diaz, who trains out of Las Vegas, says that one of his favorite accessories is his Bench Press Holder, a set of two 12-pound plates that he can strap to his shoulders, elbows, and chest and use to bench up to 100 pounds.

It even has an adjustable belt, so you can wear it with a wide variety of clothing.

He also has a few other fitness gear related to his bench, including the Bench Press Sticks, which he also uses for benching.

The rest of the accessories that Diaz has include the Barbell Lighter, which is a set with a light barbell, dumbels, plates, dumble straps, dumbler handles and a barbell.

He also has other accessories that can be used to bench heavier weights, like the Bench Bar Set, which has two 12″ dumbbell plates, a 10″ dumbler handle, and a 12″ barbell bar.

You can check out all of the products that Nate Diaz has on display at his personal Bench Press accessory collection on his personal website.