Man, 39, who had surgery on his left shoulder in hospital has been released

Posted by MTV News on Friday, September 15, 2019 15:51:01 An American man who had his shoulder surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle was released from the hospital on Friday.

Dr. Paul Ting was also released after spending more than a week in a hospital in New York.

“We’re glad he is back home, he is in good spirits,” said Dr. Ting.

“I know he is very optimistic.”

Ting, who has been a professor at the UW Medical Center for more than two decades, said the injury to his shoulder occurred during an exercise class in the summer of 2016.

“The doctors said he could be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks, and that was a little bit of a shock to him,” he said.

“They told him they had no idea how to treat the injury.

He will be very grateful that he had the surgery that he did.” “

It’s really unfortunate, and he will be really thankful that he was able to get out of there.

He will be very grateful that he had the surgery that he did.”

He added that Ting’s shoulder had been “unrelenting” since it was hurt.

Tings surgery came after years of rehabilitation.

The surgery is expected to be completed by early 2019.

He said he was told by the team doctor, Dr. Andrew Srinivasan, that the surgery was the best option for him, because of his condition.

Srinivasan said the operation was performed without any painkillers.

“He did have a few minor contusions,” he told the Seattle Times.

“There were some blood clots in his shoulder and he was taking a little painkillers, but I think it was all in the back of his head.”

Tings is expected back at the team soon.

He plans to begin his third year of full-time teaching at UW Medical School in Seattle.