Judge denies motions to dismiss lawsuit by Trump campaign and Trump allies

Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida ruled that the Trump campaign did not have standing to sue the White House over the 2016 election, ruling that the president had no constitutional right to intervene in the campaign’s litigation and that the federal election laws are clear.

Trump’s legal team had sought to use a federal court to stop the Trump administration from taking action that would make the Trump White House subject to the same laws as other federal election officials.

The lawsuit said the White Nationalist Party’s lawsuit was based on “a sham law that has no teeth” because it was based solely on the presidential campaign and the “power of the presidency to protect the integrity of elections.”

Boasberg agreed that the campaign had no standing to complain, but he rejected the arguments that it should be barred from using the courts to stop Trump’s lawsuit, saying he could not find any reason why it would not be allowed to intervene.

He rejected the argument that the plaintiffs lacked standing because they did not live in the district.

“The district court has determined that the Presidential Campaign and its officers are entitled to the protection of the election laws, but has not yet found any reason to deny the Plaintiffs standing,” Boasborg wrote in his ruling.

The White House said it will appeal the ruling.