Irish ‘staunch’ against UK’s £50,000 barbell

The Irish have a policy of “sticking to the rules” when it comes to barbells and lifting weights.

This week’s national bench press test took place at the RTE studios in Dublin and there was some great footage from the contest.

The Irish had to be patient as the UK’s heavyweights were quick to take advantage of the Irish team’s slow pace.

One of the first sets went through at a blistering 6.43 seconds with two men reaching the first round.

The second set went through 5.83 seconds but the third set was a much easier affair with the men reaching their fifth round.

There were a few problems with the Irish benching in this test but the first was that they were not as fast as the heavyweights and the second was that the barbell was not as heavy as they thought.

The first set went smoothly and the bar was quite heavy.

The other problem with the bar in the first set was that it was too heavy and the men had to rest the bar on their legs to avoid the injury.

The bar in second set was not heavy and there were two guys in trouble at the end of the second set.

The third set saw the bar going through the air but the Irish weren’t able to use the weight to their full advantage.

This is an important test for the Irish as it gives the UK a first look at the bar and how they will handle it in the next test against the Scots and Irish in the World Championships.

The bench press can be a tough sport in the UK.

The barbell can be heavy and that is the main reason why so many people can’t get a good result on it.

This is why barbell training is essential for any athlete in the sport.