Bench Press Benefits for Men and Women

A new study by researchers at The Ohio State University suggests that a bench press can benefit men and women differently.

The study, published online in the journal PloS ONE, examined a variety of measures of body composition and muscular strength.

It also examined the impact of the bench press on overall health.

The researchers looked at the results of nearly 7,000 adults who were randomly assigned to two different groups of participants.

One group trained with a combination of dumbbells and barbells.

The other group was trained with only dumbbell or barbell training for 20 minutes per week for five weeks.

Both groups completed a strength test, which involved benching for 20 seconds in each repetition.

The researchers also recorded the subjects’ height, weight, and body fat percentage.

Results of the strength test revealed that the bench presses performed significantly better on men, who performed on average 1.5 times higher than the other group.

The bench press was also significantly better for women, who lifted 1.7 times more weight than the rest of the group.

The results showed that benching was more effective for women than men, regardless of their training history, as well as the strength and fat composition of the subjects.

These results are important because they are the first evidence that strength and muscle development can be affected by the exercise program used.

They also suggest that there are potential health benefits of a bench workout for men and a bench exercise for women.

The findings have important implications for fitness training programs.

Men who are not strong and fit can perform better on a bench than their less fit counterparts.

But strength and power should be considered more as a result of a training program.

These findings may also provide insight into why many people who want to increase their strength and fitness do not follow a fitness program, such as a strength training program, or even a diet, such in the form of a strict eating program.