Australian bodybuilding champion wins gold medal at London Olympics

Former national bodybuilder and current Australian national bodybuilding title Aussie bodybuilder wins gold in London Olympics as team wins gold on bench press article Australian bodybuilder Ryan Smith, who was born in Brisbane but grew up in Sydney, was one of four athletes who won medals at the opening day of the Games in London.

The other athletes were Australian rower, Ryan Campbell, who finished third; Olympic rower and bodybuilder, Sarah White, who came second; and Olympic bodybuilder Cameron Smith, third.

Smith was the only Australian to win a gold medal in the bench press and was the third Australian to compete in the event.

Smith’s gold medal was the first gold for an Australian in the sport’s history.

“I’m super excited for the future and to be able to share this with my teammates and family,” he said.

“There are a lot of people who know me from the sport, and they know I’m a champion.”

Smith was born on a farm in Gatton in Brisbane, and was raised by his parents before going to high school and playing footy in Sydney.

He trained under current world bodybuilding record holder Greg Smith, and competed in the national championships in 2005 and 2007.

In 2010, he was named one of Australia’s top five bodybuilders by the Associated Press, and in 2011 was named Australia’s bodybuilding Olympic champion.

Smith has been competing in bodybuilding since 2011, and won gold in the World Championships in 2011.

In 2012, he became the first Australian to hold the world record for bench press at 220kg (440lb).

He also won bronze in the Australian team event at the world championships in 2015, and bronze in 2016.

The Olympic bodybuilding competition has traditionally been a tough, physical event, with many competitors getting injured during competition.

This year, however, bodybuilding became more of a recreational event, where athletes could compete in various sports and competitions for free.

“We really wanted to make sure we didn’t lose sight of what bodybuilding is all about, and that we really focused on the positives and not just the negatives,” Smith said.

“That’s what makes it so exciting.

Bodybuilding is about being strong, it’s about taking care of yourself, it doesn’t have to be an intense event.

It can be fun and enjoyable.”

Smith is a regular on the ABC News 24 Sports program, and the Australian bodybuilders and coaches are very passionate about helping their athletes become strong, fit and healthy.

“The strength and conditioning programs we have are something I’m very passionate and excited about,” Smith told ABC News Breakfast.

“You can’t train your body for bodybuilding unless you’re doing some strength training, otherwise you’re not training at all.”

He also says bodybuilding was an important part of his upbringing.

“It was something that we were very passionate in, so it’s really nice to see it come to life now.”